Higher Professional Education

The legal regime applied to the “Curso Técnico Superior Profissional” can be found in the legal decrete, Decreto-Lei n.º 74/2006, de 24 de março, altered and republished by the Decreto-Lei n.º 63/2016, de 13 de setembro.

It does not grant a Degree meaning that you can only have access to a Diploma of “Técnico Superior Profissional”.

These study cycles are offered by the “Instituições de Ensino Superior Politécnico” and you must aprove 120 ECTS to have the “Diploma”.

The duration is four curricular semesters including curricular units divided in general and specific componentes, technical training and internship .

Each institution will issue a final Diploma of “Técnico Superior Profissional”, in the study areas previously defined, according to the specific needs of professional traning of the region / local of its place of activity.

Although these study cycles does not grant an academic degree, if you have a final Diploma, all students can have access to a Licenciatura (undergraduate) degree and  Integrated Master through a special call that will grant an Academic Degree.


Portaria n.º 782/2009, de 23 de julho - Quadro Nacional de Qualificações
Portaria nº 782/2009, de 23 de julho
Regula o Quadro Nacional de Qualificações e define os descritores para a caracterização dos níveis de qualificação nacionais
State: Vigente